Starting from the abbey, opposite side of the road to the main entrance porch:

Devil’s Path – red (1.6 km)

This path is accessible to pushchairs and runs alongside the Val-Dieu nature reserve (Natagora). Passage through the ornithological observatory of the mill pond. 7 nature awareness panels, 800 m + 800 m return

Follow the red arrows “Sentier du diable

Saint-Bernard walk (2.2 km)

Crossing meadows, view of the Val-Dieu basilica.

Follow the “Blue Crosses” signs.

Devil’s Path – white (2.7 km)

Goes along the Val-Dieu nature reserve (Natagora). Passes by the ornithological observatory of the mill pond. 10 nature awareness panels. Rough path, quite flat.

Follow the white arrows “Sentier du diable”.

Cistercian walk (2.8 km)

Walk on asphalt roads, accessible to pushchairs.

Follow the “Blue Rectangles”.

The Ursuline Walk (4.7 km)

Long passage through fields, before going along the Berwinne. Boots recommended in wet weather.

Follow the “Blue vertical rectangles”.

St. Jean Sart walk (5.2 km)

Good shoes recommended, crossing fields. Magnificent view at the Knuppelstock orientation table, crossing the village of Saint-Jean-Sart.

Follow the “blue diamonds”.