The listed gardens of the Abbey

Behind the castle of the Abbey, you will find a listed park, dating from the 19th century. The park is a historical monument planted with numerous remarkable trees. The structure of this park is made of different biotopes.

A life path has been created in the park and includes the following stations :
– Entrance of the park
– “God’s shed”
– Elie’s cavern
– Footbridge on the pond
– The pilgrim’s route
– The green cathedral
– St Bernard’s spring
– The unexpected hill
These 8 stations are an invitation to amazement, amazement for the Word, for the premises and for nature.

The park is open daily 08:00 – 20:00 and is FREELY accessible to everyone all year round. This schedule respects the rest that nature requires.
You are kindly requested to observe the following rules :

– Dogs (even on a leash) are no longer allowed in the park.
– no swimming or bathing in the pond or river
– no fishing
– no picnic
– no picking
– no music
– no camping
– no fire
– no cycling or ball games

Please leave the park round 19:45.
We hope you will enjoy this time of relaxation and revitalisation.