Abbaye du Val-Dieu cheeses

Abbaye du Val-Dieu cheeses are produced and ripened at the Fromagerie Herve Société, a family-run cheese producer situated in the heart of the Herve region.  It was at the request of Cistercian monks of the Abbey that the Bouquet des Moines and the Casse-Croûte cheeses were produced, so they could offer them to visitors in the last century.
There is a long-standing relationship between the Abbey and the cheeses of the Herve region.  At its height, the Abbey owned more than 1,000 hectares of agricultural land and farms.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, the local agriculture was based around the rearing of dairy cows.  In each of the farms, the milk was transformed into butter and cheese (the famous Herve cheese) to be sold at the local markets or exported further afield.
Nowadays, the range of Abbaye Val-Dieu cheeses is wide and varied, resulting from the cheese know-how of an entire region, the tradition being continued by the Herve Société.  Try all the delicious Abbaye Val-Dieu cheeses : the Bouquet des Moines, the Bleu des Moines, the Délice des Moines, the Casse-Croute as well as the famous Val-Dieu “pain d’Abbaye” cheese with a natural rind, a wonderful example of the excellence inherited from the monastic tradition.
On sale at the Abbey shop, Abbaye Val-Dieu cheeses are also available at any good cheese merchants and in most Belgian shops. Please follow the link for more information about Abbaye Val-Dieu cheeses :